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Steam sterilizers are produced in Europe following CE standards and meet the world`s toughest standards of quality and safety. DGM AND Series are designed for steam sterilization of surgical instruments, textiles, clothes, rubber items, metal, plastic and glassware. They are used in hospitals, including CSSD, operating rooms, kitchens, laundries, as well as in laboratories, pharmaceutical and other industries as additional programs enable them to sterilize medical solutions, microbiological cultures and mediums. They are automatic controlled, user-friendly with excellent production efficiency and have a wide range of capacity. Being created to reduce energy and water consumption these sterilizers are cost-efficiency and eco-friendly.


The DGM ES 200/250 is a high capacity unit for washing and disinfection of surgical instruments, ophtalmological instruments, dental instruments, medical shoes, instruments for minimally invasive surgery, feeding bottles and laboratory glassware. Available in double-door (DGM ES200P/250P) and single-door (DGM ES 200P/250P) versions.


Low-temperature plasma sterilizer DGM Z-40 provides an efficient sterilization solution for heat and moisture sensitive medical equipment in CSSDs, Hospitals, Respiratory and Gastroenterology Endoscopy Clinics. DGM Z-40 is used to sterilize medical equipment and instruments made of heat-sensitive materials: products of synthetic and polymer materials, medical optical systems, medical electric instruments and electrical power cables, rigid endoscopes, ultrasonic medical devices, sensors, medical devices, including ultrasound devices, medical implants and tools for their installation, etc. DGM Z-40 is a compact size low temperature plasma sterilizer with a 50 liters chamber volume. It is supplied with a movable table and can be installed where needed.


The DGM-QX-1200 Ultrasonic washer is designed for cleaning surgical tools, laboratory dishware and other medical tools and appliances (in CSD and local sterilization departments, laboratories, etc.


DGM is proud to introduce the DGM GS 3 Automatic Endoscope Reprocessor. DGM GS 3 is an integrated endoscope reprocessing system that provides complete, consistent, high-level disinfection of flexible endoscopes. Highest flexibility is granted by the compact design, which assures low cycle costs by reduced consumption of water, chemicals and energy. DGM GS 3 endoscope reprocessor is endowed with a stainless steel base for the storage of process chemicals. Free standing or table top - the DGM GS 3 design provides an installation set for any facility. Using the “rack” option, two GS 3 machines will be installed on the top of each other on a mobile shelf. This set up allows asynchronous reprocessing of 2 flexible endoscopes on a small footprint. Furthermore, DGM GS 3 is useful for rigid endoscopes.


Drying cabinet is available in single door or double door pass-through version with glass door for a rapid visual inspection of the stored items


DGM 2000 steam chamber is created for large-scale disinfection of mattresses, pillows, blankets in bed-changing, medioprophilactic institutions of various specialization, centralized laundries, care centers and other departments where steam disinfection is needed. DGM 2000 is manufactured to meet the world`s toughest standards of quality and safety.


DGM T-5000 is a large capacity washer disinfector dedicated to the treatment of transport, storage and waste trolleys. The machine can also treat instrument containers and lids, op. shoes, plastic crates or other bulky items with dedicated presentation racks. These washer disinfectors offer a complete cleaning, thermal disinfection and drying treatment through high flow recirculation pumps and high speed blowers.


Working in a CSSD requires an efficient combination of CSSD furnitures with the CSSD equipment to cater sterilization load efficiently and reliably. We understands that customers are interested in solutions that meet their complete workflow needs from when an instrument is used on a patient, through transportation, manual and automated cleaning, inspection, packaging, sterilization, storage and transportation, delivered ready for use again.


We import & market all sterilization products like Chemical & Biological Indicators, Bowie & Dick Tests, Packing Rolls & Sheets, Indicator Tapes, Tweek Paper, Sterilization Pouches, Labellings Guns etc. from KIMS SRL Argentina, who manufacture these products in agreement with the highest international quality regulations and standards to meet the needs of our clients. These products are manufactured under international standards ISO 11140, ISO 11138, ISO 11607, EN868 & they are certified by ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016, GMP (good manufacturing practices), certificate of company registration and functioning authorization and ANMAT product registration.

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